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Adam's past comes back to haunt him in Corrie with the arrival of former fling Lydia

And Sarah's idea for a joint Christmas with the Barlows doesn't exactly go to plan.

Please note these spoilers are for Monday 20th to Friday 31st December

When Sarah reveals her plans for a joint Christmas with the Barlows, David’s appalled and Sarah rounds up the Platts and Barlows to suggest they sort out their differences, as she wants a joint family Christmas.

But as the two families trade insults, Sarah wonders what she’s let herself in for.

Meanwhile, after inviting Lydia over to help her bake some cakes for the school charity, Sarah mentions Adam and Lydia’s quick to change the subject. Yet when Lydia learns that Daniel is Adam’s uncle, she's intrigued.

As Adam and Daniel join Sarah and Lydia for a drink, Daniel’s impressed when he clocks the book that Lydia’s reading and they instantly hit it off.

As Daisy buzzes Daniel’s intercom, declaring she’s been an idiot and thinks the world of him, it’s Ken who answers and sends Daisy off to find Daniel.

On Christmas Day, as Audrey cracks open the wine for breakfast, Gail declares she’s not lifting a finger, David slams round in a grump and Peter and Carla do a runner and Sarah despairs over their ungrateful families.

With everyone gone, Adam takes her in his arms, suggesting their real Christmas starts now.

Later, Sarah thanks Lydia for not letting her meaningless fling with Adam spoil their friendship. Realising those are Adam’s words, Lydia’s quietly fuming.

And Sarah's won over when Adam suggests they book a posh hotel for New Year’s Eve.

When the waiter at their posh hotel makes a joke about Adam leaving his wallet the last time he was there, a prickly Sarah wonders why he’s brought her to the same hotel where he slept with Carla.

And the mood is further ruined when Sarah quizzes him about his fling with Lydia. Can Adam talk Sarah round?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays plus Christmas Day and Boxing Day on ITV


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