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After being knocked to the ground by Keegan in EastEnders, Rainie reveals she's pregnant

How will Stuart take the news?

Whilst Tiffany and Keegan are pleased that they’ve managed to pay Kheerat back, Tiffany still needs a new job for when she’s not at college. And with Rainie and Stuart in dire need of a new member after their beautician walks out, Rainie realises that Tiffany is a beautician in training and might be just who they’re looking for.

But as Tiffany starts her new job at the funeral parlour, she is overwhelmed with information and the more morbid aspects of her new job, but Rainie and Stuart do their best to make her feel welcome in their own quirky way.

Feeling bad that Tiffany's only working to help him, Keegan sets off to make a romantic gesture after some encouragement from Mitch.

As Rainie listens to her new hypnobirthing app, she steps into the road in front of Keegan on his bike and he hits her. Rainie tumbles into the gutter and admits she’s pregnant to a horrified Tiffany and Keegan.

Stuart and Rainie also have to face the music with their past transgressions leaving lasting effects on their relationship, can they move on and look to the future together?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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