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Alan Carr and Amanda Holden head to Spain for their next renovation project on BBC One

Alan and Amanda's Spanish Job is the follow-up to two series of Alan and Amanda's Italian Job and is set to be their biggest renovation project yet.

Heading to the sunny south of Spain, Alan Carr and Amanda Holden will take on a rambling, run down property in the province of Andalusia as they move countries for their biggest project yet.

With many rural areas suffering from de-population, they’re hoping to remedy this and bring the tourists back by highlighting some unloved and forgotten areas around the Costa del Sol, in Amanda and Alan’s Spanish Job.

Challenging themselves with their biggest house yet to renovate, they’ll be learning new DIY skills, and once again pushing themselves out of their comfort zone as they try to turn their wreck of a house into something magic. This year their interiors style will echo all the region has to offer, as their design delves into the Moorish influences of bygone eras.

After the DIY, Amanda and Alan will of course throw themselves into the Spanish traditions. They’ll travel the breadth of Andalusia to discover the rich, varied landscape of the Sierra Nevada mountains, whitewashed coastal villages and historic Moorish towns.

Indulging in the local cuisine, joining in the summer festivals and getting to grips with the local traditions – they’ll be sipping on Sangria, dancing Flamenco and belting out their favourite tracks in the karaoke bar - welcome to Amanda and Alan’s Spanish Job!

Speaking ahead of the new series, Amanda Holden said "It’s wonderful how often I’m stopped in the street and told how much people love our show. Alan and I have the best time filming it and to have reached series three already is beyond the dreams of our lockdown pitch to the BBC!"

"By day we love getting our hands dirty knocking down walls and lugging around power tools knowing we’ll be sipping on an ice-cold reward by night, forgetting the cameras are rolling! Bring on the Spanish sun, we can’t wait to get started and continue to help Comic Relief and Children In Need along the way."

To which Alan Carr added "It’s always exciting when a show you love gets recommissioned but the fact that we will be bringing our unique DIY expertise to a whole different country makes it even more special. We are saying ciao for now and Hola España! Can’t wait to grab our power tools and get our hard hats on and bring some much needed TLC to a casa in Spain!"

Made by Voltage TV Productions, the 8-part series was commissioned by Catherine Catton, Head of Commissioning, Factual Entertainment and Live Events and executive produced by Claire Walls, Sanjay Singhal and Tom Cullum, with Ricky Cooper as Commissioning Editor.

Alan and Amanda's Spanish Job will air on BBC One


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