Alex agrees to let Billy adopt Lucas in Emmerdale

But at what cost for Dawn?

When Billy broaches the subject of adopting Lucas, Dawn is thrilled by his commitment but nervous about the inevitable interaction with Lucas’ biological dad, Alex.

Ignoring her concerns, Dawn takes the first step in the adoption process and texts Alex. But the next day, after getting no response, she drives to his house with Billy to nervously broach the subject of Billy adopting Lucas with an unreadable Alex.

After initially being incensed by the idea, Alex eventually accepts their adoption proposal. But we realise later that evening it will come at a cost as Alex appears ominously from out of the dark and pulls up outside Woodbine.

Secretly meeting him outside, Dawn’s worries are realised when Alex demands that she deal drugs for him in order to pay off his debts in return for consenting to Lucas’ adoption. What will she do?

Hiding Alex's blackmail from a wary Harriet and Billy, Dawn struggles to share in their excitement over the adoption and her deceit ramps up a notch when she attempts to steal from Home Farm in order to pay Alex’s debts. But what will happen when she’s caught red-handed by Kim?

With the walls closing in around her, Dawn makes one final call before accompanying Alex. Trapped, Dawn realises that her task may be more dangerous than she originally thought when she meets Alex’s dealer.

Just as the meeting concludes, the trio are interrupted by a police car and we later see Dawn being guided into the back of it.

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