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Alfie continues to try and win Kat back in EastEnders

Can he get her to admit that she isn't happy with Phil?

As Kat and Alfie reminisce about Nana Moon, they reflect on her dying wish, which was that they would get together.

When Phil later refuses to pick up her calls, Kat is frustrated and Alfie asks her if she’s happy with her decision to marry him. What will she tell him?

Later, at No.25, Kat and Sharon argue until they start bonding over the challenges of being Phil's other half. And when Kat tells her that she'll find love again, Sharon says she doesn’t need a man.

Meanwhile, as Alfie starts the panto auditions, he's determined to cast Kat as Snow White opposite him as the Prince. But when Kat fails to show up at the auditions, Honey wows everyone with her audition.

After being begged by Tommy to audition, Kat eventually arrives and Alfie tries to cast her as Snow White, but Sharon overrules him and tells Honey she’s got the part.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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