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Alfie's summer party in The Vic interrupted by Linda's arrival in EastEnders

What will she make of The Vic being open again?

As the Slater money troubles worsen, Alfie looks for work but gets knocked back by Kat on the cabs and Kim at The Albert.

After hearing Denise has keys to The Vic, Alfie gets Patrick to help him swipe them so that he can reopen the pub to help Linda.

But when Denise discovers The Vic full of customers and Alfie behind the bar, she's horrified and isn't happy when Alfie tells her that he's doing this for Linda.

As she gives Alfie hell, Mitch lets slip that is handing out free drinks and Denise demands that Patrick gets everyone to pay up, or else.

To banish the January blues and get the tills ringing, Alfie hits upon the idea of throwing a summer party in The Vic and when Kim tells Sharon that The Vic is open, she makes a call.

Just as things go brilliantly in the bar, Alfie thinks he's hit the jackpot, until Linda bursts in! As Sharon takes Annie and Ollie back to hers, a distraught Linda accuses Alfie and the rest of their neighbours of not caring that Mick is dead.

Soon, Alfie gathers Mick’s friends to surprise Linda with a vigil in the bar for her lost love. But when they're interrupted by the police, what will they have to say?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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