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Ali talks threateningly to Misbah in Hollyoaks as he opens up to Shaq

But how much of what he's saying is true?

As Shaq continues ignoring calls from Ali, living in the same village means he can’t avoid him forever. Bumping into his dad, Shaq tells him that he knows about him wanting Misbah to get an abortion.

Later, he visits Shaq at home and makes it sound as though he only asked for an abortion to protect a distraught Misbah.

As Misbah pretends she’s happy with Shaq’s decision to continue pursuing a relationship with Ali, Sami’s not sure that she’s being truthful.

With a date set for her hearing, Cleo turns to Misbah with questions on what to do or expect. But Misbah starts to rant about Ali’s lack of care for anyone.

After witnessing her outburst, Sami confronts her about why Ali’s bothering her so much. But will she tell him the truth? And when Ali tells Shaq the story of his fling with Misbah, how much of it is true?

As the day of the malpractice hearing arrives, Misbah has enough to worry about without Shaq revealing what Ali has been saying about her.

On his way to the hearing, Ali bumps into Mandy who is furious after being ditched by him the night before. After a few blasé arrogant comments, she decides that Ali isn’t her type.

At the hearing, it’s clear that Ali won’t make things as easy for Misbah as he arranges another meeting to discuss her wrongdoing.

Frustrated, Misbah admits that she walked out of the hospital to get away from him and when Ali later drops by Misbah’s home for dinner with Shaq, he drops a bombshell, giving her some advice in a threatening manner.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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