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All eyes are on Kush as he makes his plea in EastEnders

But will Kush and Whitney get their happily ever after?

As he plans a surprise wedding for Whitney, Kush's mood is brought down by Gray after he reminds him that by accepting Phil’s extra charges, he will be going away for a very long time.

Heading to the Mitchell's house, Kush decides to tell them he's out of the deal. But will they take no for an answer? And Whitney wants to talk to Kush after Kat accidentally lets her know about the deal with the Mitchells, assuming she already knew.

Even Kush blurting out that he's planned a surprise wedding doesn't cool Whitney's anger as she tells him she knows all about the deal and is furious he didn't tell her. Devastated, Kush runs off.

Desperate to find him, Whitney is terrified that Kush has run away before his court appearance. Having not heard from him either, Martin reassures Whitney that he’s never seen Kush so happy. And she's pleased to return home to find Kush there.

With Phil anxious about Kush’s plea hearing, Ben reassures him that he'll remind Kush what’s at stake.

Arriving at court, Kush is shaken as he clocks Ben. Gray is also there to support the Mitchells and as the court clerk reads the indictment, Kush makes his plea before taking drastic action.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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