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Amelia starts receiving creepy messages after beginning to make money online in Emmerdale

Should Dan be worried about Amelia using social media?

Returning from the Lake District, Mandy finds her salon in chaos and Amelia filming a video, who tries to convince Mandy that social media will be good for the salon.

The following day, Amelia does her utmost to convince her dad Dan her social media page could be a good thing for her and Esther, but Dan disagrees, before later agreeing to trust her.

Excited to begin her new project, it's not long before a subscriber asks to donate to her page, leaving Amelia thrilled. And with a bit of coaching from Sarah, she’s set to make some money, and has to admit to Sarah about the creepy message she has received.

Later, Dan’s impressed when Amelia’s phone continues to buzz but Amelia’s unnerved to receive yet another creepy message.

Pleased she’s making money from her social media, Amelia heads off shopping and Dan is proud but aware of how little he understands the world she is now in.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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