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Angela Wynter returns to EastEnders as Yolande Trueman

Almost six years since she last stepped foot in Albert Square, Yolande Trueman is on her way back to Walford.

Angela Wynter first appeared on our screens in 2003 as Yolande, Patrick’s love interest in EastEnders before later becoming his wife and remains connected to Walford now.

Over her five years in Albert Square, Yolande quickly cemented herself as a fan favourite but her time in Walford, and her marriage to Patrick, was not smooth having feuded with Pat Evans once it was revealed that she and Patrick had an affair.

However, it was a job offer she couldn’t refuse that led to Yolande leaving but, Patrick changed his mind at the last minute, choosing Albert Square over his wife and the pair later divorced in 2009.

Having briefly reprised her role in 2017, Yolande is heading back to Walford to reunite with her ex-husband Patrick who went searching for her at the start of the year, but viewers will have to wait and see if it’s a happily ever after for the couple.

On returning to EastEnders, Angela Wynter said "Yolande is back in The Square! I have been really looking forward to playing her again and have had a beautiful time on set so far. I can’t thank the cast and crew enough for the warm welcome back!"

To which Executive Producer Chris Clenshaw, added "I’m thrilled to welcome the immensely talented Angela back to the role of Yolande Trueman. Although we haven’t seen Yolande for some years, her departure from The Square and the breakdown of her marriage to Walford’s living legend, Patrick, left some unfinished business between the pair. We therefore thought it was important to explore a reunion between the two. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her back!"

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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