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As Bronson is put down in EastEnders, Mitch cheers Bailey up with new dog Banjo

But is he theirs to keep?

Bailey is heartbroken when she's told what the vet has to do to Bronson, and pleads with them to save him. Likening the situation to her mum being alone, Bailey wants to stay with Bronson when he’s put down.

As Bernie and Bailey reminisce about Bronson, Mitch is explaining that his new job has fallen through when a stray dog runs off with Bailey’s hotdog! Bailey sees the dog as a sign but when Mitch tells Karen that Bailey wants to keep him, Karen admits they can’t afford to.

When Mitch explains that Bailey is heartbroken over losing Bronson, Rainie enlists Stuart’s help to find the stray dog. After a few mishaps Stuart and Mitch catch him and Bailey is over the moon.

But Karen dampens the mood, insisting they can’t keep him and she’s later upset when Banjo ruins her shoes!

When Mitch tries to reason with her, Karen softens and finally agrees to let Banjo stay. But when Mitch later spots a missing dog poster at the Minute Mart, he recognises it to be Banjo and guiltily rips up the missing poster, wanting to do the right thing for Bailey.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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