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Asha is shocked when Isla confesses her true feelings in Corrie

But when Asha makes her own discovery, what has Nina been hiding?

Meeting up with Isla to study, Asha is confused when Isla says she would rather spend the day getting drunk in the Bistro.

Once tipsy, Isla confides in Asha over her ex-boyfriend pestering her and admits that she's gone off men and is thinking of trying women instead. And Nina arrives to find Asha and Isla giggling and gripping each other’s hands across the table.

After Nina tells Shona that she wants to have an honest conversation with Asha about how she feels, Isla calls at No.7 and admits to Asha that she likes her but respects the fact she’s with Nina and reckons it’s a good idea for her to switch mentors.

Nina is taken aback when an upbeat Asha admits that the reason she requested to work with a different crew is because Isla has a crush on her. How will Nina react to having her fears confirmed?

Offering to help Asha out in the shop, Nina is determined they should spend some time together. But when Nina receives a text from Shona asking if she’s on her way, Nina makes out she’d forgotten she offered to cover her shift.

While Nina heads into the back of the shop for her coat, Asha scrolls through Nina’s messages and her eyes narrow. What has she discovered? 

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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