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BACK TO PRISON? Phil risks going back inside as he betrays Keeble in EastEnders

Will he agree to her latest demand?

When Sam finds Ravi waiting for her at Peggy’s, she assumes he knows Jonah, but he tells her that he's looking for Phil. Finding out that he works with Suki, Sam throws him out.

Waiting for Phil at home, Ravi almost catches him on the phone to Keeble who is demanding names. Once Ravi leaves, Phil makes a phone call to a contact, Dodge, to try and get dirt on Keeble.

When Ravi tries to charm her, Stacey understands why Kheerat has issues with him and purposefully kisses Kheerat.

Wanting Keeble off his case, Kat warns Phil not to ruin their wedding.

Meeting with Dodge, Phil gets some information on Keeble and warns him to get out of the country.

Meeting with Phil, Keeble reveals her anger at him for telling everyone on her list to get out of the country.

But when Phil reveals he knows she has an ulterior motive, Keeble is taken aback. Handing him a photo of someone, Keeble demands information on the, otherwise Phil will be back in prison.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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