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BAD BEHAVIOUR in EastEnders as Denzel and Nugget tease Amy

Can Chelsea get them to apologise?

When Kim introduces Denzel to Amy, Lily and Tommy, Amy causes havoc as she takes a shine to Denzel and tries to impress him.

Jack is less than impressed with Amy's outfit, but Kim plays it down and leaves Amy with Denzel. Ravi’s son, Davinder introduces himself as Nugget and the three hang out. But Amy is left upset after Denzel and Nugget wind her up.

When Chelsea finds a teary Amy, she tells her what the boys have done and Chelsea finds Denzel and Nugget and well and truly puts them in their place.

Meanwhile, in the Minute Mart, Amy is self-conscious because of the comments the boys made and Denise and Chelsea both support Amy as she struggles with the realities of becoming a teenager.

Furious that Denzel didn’t apologise, Chelsea once again gives him and Nugget some stern words. Will they take her seriously this time?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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