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Bailey's family appeal for her safe return in EastEnders

But will Karen jeopardise the search?

With Bailey still missing, Karen and Mitch are frustrated when the police want to search their house again for information. Irate, Mitch worries that they're trying to blame it on them and refuses to go to the station for questioning. But later, Keegan agrees to go to the station with him.

After Amy mentions that Bailey couldn’t afford space camp, Mitch is broken realising that Bailey was worried about their money issues, and blames himself for her running away.

When Isaac rips down a poster of Bailey, Lola is shocked as is Keegan when he sees him tearing down the posters. But Keegan is left foolish when he realises the mistake he made on the poster, missing a digit off his number. Vowing to get more leaflets made, Keegan sets up a fundraising page.

And after Bernie overhears Vi making a nasty comment that Bailey’s family must be guilty, Sheree and Denise hatch a plan to help the Taylor family.

Meanwhile, Lola worries about Isaac not sleeping and when he admits that he’s stopped taking his medication, she agrees to drop it only if he tells his doctor.

Blaming her old boss for Bailey's disappearance, Karen is reminded by Jack about the press conference. And when Denise reveals that they raised some money for the family, Jack hopes the public get behind them.

Whilst recording the appeal, Karen’s fears get the better of her and when nasty comments are left on the fundraising page, her mood worsens. As she finds a gift hamper on her doorstep, she heads into the Square raging. What is she capable of?

Denise's attempts to apologise to the Taylor’s for the hamper are futile and when she sees Apostolos, she decides to make a real impact.

And when Jack tells Karen and Mitch that Bailey’s been spotted and Apostolos has suddenly dropped all charges, they're interrupted by Keegan who urges them to all go The Vic now.

Meanwhile, at an underpass, Bailey is all alone, tucked in a sleeping bag with Banjo

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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