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BBC Three announce new romantic comedy drama Film Club

The six-part series marks the screenwriting debut from actors Aimee Lou Wood and Ralph Davis.

Film Club will also see Aimee Lou Wood star as Evie who meets with Tom every Thursday at 9pm to watch a film together in her garage.

Evie lovingly decorates the space to match the film of the week, from a yellow brick road for The Wizard of Oz to a space craft for Alien. It's magical. They’re there for the love of the movies. Or at least, that’s what they tell themselves.

In reality, Tom is madly in love with Evie. What he doesn’t know is that Evie is in love with him too. But when Tom accepts a job at the other end of the country, their happily ever after comes under threat. He's leaving in six weeks. That means Evie has six film clubs left to tell Tom how she feels, or risk losing him forever.

Evie is going to have to navigate all of this amongst the chaos of her family home – her eccentric and unconventional mother, Suz, and her younger sister Izzy. A trio of women full of love, and dysfunction, in equal measure.

Speaking about Film Club, Aimee Lou Wood said “When Ralph and I met a decade ago we knew pretty much instantly that we wanted to create something together and this feels deeply organic and idiosyncratic and right. Jamie at Gaumont has been the most incredible collaborator and the BBC is the perfect home. Three of the most essential things to me have always been writing stories, watching films and acting so the fact I get to write a story ABOUT watching films AND act in it is beyond joyful.”

To which Ralph Davis added “I couldn’t be more excited about this. Aimee and I have been speaking about making something together since we met at drama school. To be doing this together is a dream.”

Described as “a piercingly funny and utterly heart-warming screenwriting debut from two of Britain’s most exciting voices”, Film Club, created and written by Aimee Lou Wood and Ralph Davis will be made by Gaumont and executive produced by Alison Jackson and Jamie Jackson for Gaumont and and Nawfal Faizullah for the BBC.

Speaking about the new series, Alison Jackson, President of Gaumont UK and executive producer on Film Club said “When we first started talking to Aimee and Ralph about Film Club, we quickly realised this would be a truly special show, full of wit, warmth, escapism and above all – love. We are absolutely delighted to be working on this beautiful, funny drama with the team at BBC.”

To which the BBC’s Director of Drama Lindsay Salt added “Our hearts melt every time we read a new script for Film Club. It’s a pleasure to be working with Aimee, Ralph and the Film Club team to take BBC Three viewers on a tender and funny journey across the silver screen, via Evie’s lovingly decorated garage.”

Casting for Tom will be announced at a later date.

Film Club will air on BBC Three


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