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Becky leads protest against Dee Valley Hospital in Hollyoaks

Can Cindy convince Ollie to do the right thing?

Please note these spoilers are for the week commencing Monday 3rd January

When Marnie refuses to serve Becky in her café, a surprising realisation changes Ollie’s mind about Cindy. But despite a change of heart, will Ollie choose to stay away from Becky?

And another fire lights under Becky as she finds a charity fundraiser leaflet for the hospital.

As the day of Dee Valley Heroes event arrives, Becky grimaces from a distance as her and Ollie’s plan to hijack the event is full steam ahead. Armed with bollards, microphones and even a scarecrow, how far are they willing to go?

And when Marnie threatens to call the police on the protest, Becky isn’t giving up that easily.

Later, prepare for emotional scenes as Zara and Cindy take turns in trying to talk some sense into Ollie, making him see that he’s going down a dangerous path, especially as he plans not to attend his sentencing today.

Will he have a last-minute change of heart?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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