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Belle and Tom clash ahead of their wedding day in Emmerdale

Will the Dingles' rowdiness at the reception prove too much for Tom?


Ahead of their wedding, Tom is thrown Belle doesn’t want to take his surname and Tom is thwarted as she offers a reasonable explanation.

However, the next day, it weighs heavy on Tom’s mind, and eager to make him happy, Belle agrees to become Mrs King.

With plans afoot for Belle's night at Wishing Well ahead of her wedding, she gets emotional ahead of her big day, due to the absence of both her parents and moots cancelling. Hurt, Tom reminds her neither of his parents will be there either and storms off in a mood.

As their wedding day arrives, Belle hasn't heard from Tom and doesn’t even know if the wedding is going ahead as Tom continues to ignore her calls. Despite Lydia and Mandy's best efforts, Belle worries that the wedding is off.

Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to give Tom perspective and Belle’s relieved when Tom texts to confirm the wedding is still on. Now able to enjoy her wedding day, she enjoys being fussed over by Lydia and Mandy and there’s excitement amongst the guests as they prepare for the wedding outside the Church.

Arriving just in the nick of time to give Belle away, Sam brings a letter from Lisa with him.

As the ceremony commences, Tom is frustrated by the Dingles’ oddities, and after a couple of minor hiccups the happy couple take their vows and finally get wed.

After the ceremony, Belle and Tom take some time to greet their guests and the Dingles celebrate in typical Dingle style, much to Tom’s annoyance.

As the rowdy Dingle traditions begin to grate on Tom at the wedding reception, Ruby interrupts the reception sending it into disarray. Tom is left fuming that Belle’s wild family has seemingly ruined their big day.  

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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