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Ben collapses after drug binge and is found with no pulse in EastEnders

Can he be saved?

Unimpressed to see James has stayed the night with Ben, Kathy reminds him that it's Lexi's dance exam and a family meal later.

After turning up late for Lexi’s exam, Ben is forced to explain why he was delayed and realises how hurt she is. When Lexi reveals that she misses her old dad, Ben snaps at her and makes her cry.

Gutted, Ben turns to Tez for drugs. Spotting the exchange, Sam is concerned and tells Ben to pull himself together. Heading to a party, Ben finds James but as he takes more and more drugs, James sends Ben home.

Realising he's late for Lexi’s dinner, Ben leaves her an emotional voicemail and says he’s on his way. But as he does so, he collapses.

Upset that Ben is a no show for her meal, Lexi is comforted by her family and when Callum and Jay arrive, Lexi plays the voicemail from Ben and they realise something is wrong.

Rushing to find him, Kathy, Callum and Jay's worst fears come true when they find him with no pulse. As the paramedics rush him to the hospital, can they save him?

When Zack tells Sharon that Ben collapsed, she realises he's keeping something from her. As Phil returns, Sharon tells him the truth that Sam knew about the drugs and has been letting it happen.

With Phil ignoring her calls, Sam is on edge and instructs a guilty Zack not to tell anyone about the drugs.

Sam warns Jonah that the dealing has to stop, but it's too late as she finds herself in hot water when Phil returns home and reveals he knows about the drugs.

Furious to learn that it’s Zack’s fault Phil knows about the drugs, Sam tries to fire him but Kat gets there first. Feeling guilty, Zack offers to make it up to Sam but is left shaken by her words.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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