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Ben finally starts opening up about his trauma to Kat in EastEnders

But will he admit to having bulimia and accept help?

Ahead of Jay's parental hearing, Ben struggles with his feelings of inadequacy and is evasive when Billy tries to organise a celebration in The Vic that night.

Later, Ben looks certain to miss the court date altogether as he takes his frustrations out on the gym bag until George intervenes and advises Ben to be there for Lexi, no matter how he feels.

When Ben makes the court hearing, after all, Jay is relieved. But later at The Vic, Honey picks up on Ben's troubled behaviour around food and follows him home.

As she tries to get Ben to open up to her, Honey opens up about her own experiences with bulimia. Unable to share his pain, Ben lashes out and orders Honey to leave. Once she's gone, Ben breaks down, feeling horribly alone.

The following day, refusing to break Ben's confidence, Honey advises a worried Callum to try and get Ben to open up to him.

Seeing them together, and unaware that she's keeping his secret, Ben lashes out at Honey, only for Billy and Jay to step in. After Lexi insists that Ben must apologise to Honey, they later go for a coffee and Honey begs Ben to let Callum in.

And it looks as though Ben will until a difficult conversation with Phil provokes Ben into purging again.

Arriving home early, Callum catches Ben but things go horribly wrong when he tries to talk to him about it.

Later in the week, Kat is shocked to find Ben in a terrible state as he punches a bag at the Boxing Den and soon discovers why he's so upset and offers her perspective as a fellow survivor of rape.

When she warns him that he'll destroy himself and everyone he loves if he doesn't seek help, Ben reluctantly agrees to try a support group, with Kat accompanying him.

Later, Ben returns home to find Callum waiting for him. But when he begs Ben to let him in and share what's going on, what will Ben do?

The following day, Kat accompanies Ben to the assessment, where he finally starts talking about his mental trauma.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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