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Ben is arrested for attacking Peter in EastEnders as tensions flare up

And Peter and Dana are spotted kissing. But by who?

After seeing Callum offer Ben a small olive branch, Kathy encourages Ben to tell Callum what happened with Lewis.

After bumping into Kheerat, who offers his advice, Ben decides to ask Callum to meet him.

Despite Stuart advising otherwise, Callum meets Ben but as Ben starts to talk an incident in The Vic causes a furious Callum to snap at Ben and storm off.

Updating Peter, Rocky and Kathy on finding Peter’s attacker, a police officer admits they're not having much luck. Despite trying to make things up to Peter and prove to him that she loves him, Kathy makes Peter feel his point is proved as she rushes to support Ben after his incident with Callum.

Back home, Kathy finds a devasted Ben struggling to deal with what’s happened. At her wit's end with Ben and Peter’s bickering, Kathy organises a games night to celebrate Rocky’s birthday and insists they must both be there. And extends the invite to Lola, Jay and Harvey.

Meanwhile, at Walford East, as passions continue to rise between Peter and Dana someone spots them as they begin to kiss and take each other’s clothes off!

As Rocky's party gets underway, Ben could not be less interested in participating in the games and realises the party is about him and not Rocky. Tensions flare up between him and Peter leading to a huge argument and as Ben shares some upsetting words with Kathy he drops a bombshell.

With the party over, Kathy is shocked when the police arrive to arrest Ben as Peter has reported him for the assault.

At the police station, Ritchie warns Ben that things are bad and he could be sent down.

As Kathy desperately tries to talk to Peter, he refuses to back down and Kathy gives the police her statement, trying to cover for Ben. But will the police believe her?

Later, Peter meets with Dana to discuss everything that’s happened.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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