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Ben's drug-taking takes its toll on those closest to him in EastEnders

After Ben confesses to being the reason Jags is dead, how will the Panesars react?

With Rocky in her ear about Ben’s behaviour, Kathy visits Ben at The Arches and suggests he speaks to a specialist who can help him, before they're interrupted by a customer, James.

Ben soon realises he went to school with James and as he takes him to the car lot to purchase a car, James begins to flirt with him leaving Ben uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Kathy makes a worrying discovery and things get worse for Kathy as tensions continue to simmer between Ben and Rocky. Fed up with how he is treating Kathy, Rocky snaps at Ben and gives him some home truths.

The situation gets out of hand and as Ben goes to punch Rocky, Kathy jumps in to protect Rocky and Ben accidentally punches her instead.

Less than happy to have Ben crashing on the sofa, Kathy makes her feelings known and at The Arches, Kheerat is surprised to see Ben who is meant to be on leave and tries to offer him some advice.

Bumping into Callum and worried about Ben, Kheerat suggests he checks in on him. Will Callum agree?

As Ben continues to make enemies, he is rude to Honey who later in The Albert questions Kathy about her injured lip, and isn’t convinced when Kathy brushes it off. Spotting the exchange, Ben nears an apology to Honey and apologises to Kathy.

However, when Kathy encourages him to get help, he snaps at her. Turning to tough love, Kathy makes the painful decision not to speak to him until he gets help.

With Phil busy, Ben has no one to turn to and bumping into James, agrees to go for a drink with him and takes him to The Arches where they begin to kiss. And as Rocky comforts Kathy, Ben takes up James’ offer and takes the drugs.

As Kathy reels from yesterday's events, Howie adds to her frustration as he struggles in his new role as bartender at The Albert.

When Whitney hears Callum and Ben should be on holiday, she suggests a theme night out and as they venture out, Ben is further heartbroken to see his ex so happy.

The next morning, Ben wakes up in The Arches and when Kheerat enters, tries to cover by hiding the drugs and dismissing Kheerat’s concerns.

However, as Kheerat shares some sentimental words about their friendship, Ben is consumed with guilt over what he did to Jags.

As a self-loathing Ben takes more drugs, he bumps into Phil who is concerned about his son's behaviour and at Peggy's, Ben causes a scene.

Realising he's high, Kheerat takes him back to the Panesar’s to be checked by Ash.

Despite Ben refusing their help, Kheerat stands by his friend and the guilt becomes too much for Ben as he tells the Panesars that he killed Jags by stopping the protection. Stunned by Ben’s shocking admission, how will Kheerat react to Ben being the reason that Jags is dead?

Kathy gives Jay a suitcase of Ben’s things and reveals that he accidentally hit her and her worry for Ben increases when Phil reveals he saw him high and they learn he was in a fight.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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