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Ben struggles with the deterioration of his hearing in EastEnders

As Monday's upcoming episode is told entirely from Ben's perspective.

The previously announced episode will see viewers experience limited audio levels and on-screen subtitles showing words and fractured sentences, reflecting Ben’s hearing difficulties and some of the realities of being a deaf person in the UK today.

When the day of Ben and Phil’s riskiest job yet arrives, Ben's mind turns elsewhere when he spots Peter and Lola together. Distracted, he nearly gets hit by a car. Suspicious, Ben angrily questions Lola before Jay steps-in.

At home, Ben and Phil run through the job but as Ben struggles to hear, Phil gets frustrated and when Ben shows him a gun he's bought, Phil has had enough and tells Ben that he's no longer doing the job.

After storming off, Ben tries to get to the bottom of what’s going on with Lola but when Jay confronts him, Ben is stunned to learn that Lola had an abortion and that she said he was the reason. Fuming, Ben drags Lola out of the salon forcing her to admit she slept with Peter.

After heading to the Prince Albert to get drunk, Ben later goes looking for Peter and is suspicious to see a van following Danny and Phil as they leave for the job.

Worried, Ben changes the number plate on Gray's car which is currently in the Arches and rushes to the warehouse. With the job underway, the situation quickly spirals out of control for Ben when he has a gun pointed at him and makes an alarming discovery.

In Tuesday's episode, Callum is worried about Ben and confides in Sharon about dating a Mitchell but is left frustrated when she tells him to turn a blind eye to their dodgy dealings.

EastEnders continues Monday at 8pm on BBC One


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