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Bernice in denial about going through the menopause in Emmerdale

As she struggles to contain her emotions.

When Bernice is flustered at the salon, she's offended when Bear makes an ill-advised joke towards Bernice and goes to squirt him with the hose. Unfortunately, she hits Mandy's new potential client instead!

As Bernice, Mandy and Bear look on in horror, Bernice switches the water off that's soaked the Care Home Manager. Finding it hard to control her emotions, Bernice storms out, leaving Mandy and Bear bemused.

Later, as she opens up about how she's been feeling, Bob urges Bernice to make an appointment with the doctor regarding her recent behaviour. But as he consoles her, he's concerned when she begins to cry.

When Gabby accidentally plants the seed that convinces Bernice that she has dementia, she's instantly in denial when Laurel explains it's most likely the menopause.

And when Liam reveals that she doesn't have dementia, but is most likely going through the menopause, Bernice storms out.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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