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Bernice wants Liam back as she 'proposes' in Emmerdale

But does Liam feel the same way?

Since the cancellation of another wedding, Leyla and Liam’s wedding preparations are picking up pace.

In the Woolpack, Bernice catches up with Liam until they're interrupted by Leyla's arrival. Afterwards, Leyla vents her frustration that Bernice is back to overshadow her happiness with Liam.

Meanwhile, Bernice is sad Gabby wants nothing to do with her and Liam soon seeks Bernice out, to establish some ground rules for coexisting in the village.

As Bernice tries to return his engagements, from Leyla's point of view it looks like Bernice is actually trying to propose and slaps Bernice in shock!

Liam's daughter, Leanna, is irked to learn Bernice is trying to interfere with Liam and Leyla’s relationship and as Bernice talks to Nicola and Diane in the cafe, she remains convinced there’s still hope for her and Liam getting back together.

As Nicola reminds Bernice that it was Gabby she returned for, Bernice remains convinced that Liam still holds a torch for her. Can anyone convince her otherwise?

Elsewhere, Leanna drops hints to Billy about the lack of attention she’s been receiving from Jacob recently.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm on ITV


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