Bianca's returning to Walford

As Patsy Palmer returns to EastEnders for a short stint this autumn.

Over twenty-five years since her first appearance, Bianca’s return is set to cause a stir in and one thing is for sure, Walford is going to get a whole lot louder… as one of the Square’s loudest and most memorable characters returns. But just what brings her back to Walford?

After arriving in 1993 as part of the outspoken Jackson family, Bianca quickly became one of the show’s most legendary characters. Bianca’s time in Walford was far from plain sailing and she was at the centre of many dramatic storylines including her relationship with Ricky Butcher which produced her infamous catchphrase, "Rickaaay".

Bianca first left Walford back in 1999 after the shocking reveal she was sleeping with her mum’s fiancé, Dan Sullivan, which ended her marriage with Ricky. After briefly appearing in 2002, Bianca returned to the Square in 2008 after being evicted from her home and risked losing custody of her children.

Her return was anything but easy-going and once again Bianca found herself at the heart of the drama as she was faced with the death of her brother, Bi