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Big Boys returning to Channel 4 for a second series

The series, written and created by Jack Rooke stars Jon Pointing and Dylan Llewellyn as two boys from very different ends of the "spectrum of masculinity" who become best mates.

The critically acclaimed comedy launched on Channel 4 in May and is about two boys from very different ends of the “spectrum of masculinity” who become best mates at Brent Uni Freshers Week 2013.

Dylan Llewellyn plays Jack, a dweeby, sheltered, closeted boy from Watford, who is trying to overcome grief after his dad’s passing as well as figure out what he actually wants in life. His potty-mouthed mother Peggy, played by Camille Coduri, persuades him to take up a scholarship at a local uni so he can make something of himself and not just be stuck at home, masturbating and knitting blankets to sell on Etsy.

It's there that he meets Danny, played by Jon Pointing, a typically loud and proud lads’ lad. Hailing from a run-down seaside town, Danny is a few years older than every other fresher, trying to live out a lost adolescence whilst confronting the demons of his own mental health.

Living in an ex-classroom shed on campus, the boys get thrown together by the enigmatic Jules, played by Katy Wix, the head of the SU who was once a student herself a decade ago and has just never, ever, left.

They soon meet Corinne, played by Izuka Hoyle, a sharp, study-centric Scot who’s also learning to let her hair down and Yemi, played by Olisa Odele, the savvy fashion kid who at 19 has already seen it all, done it all and begrudgingly guides this gang of misfits through Freshers and beyond.

Speaking about the news of a second series, creator and writer Jack Rooke said "The response to Big Boys series 1 has been so phenomenally kind, heartwarming and beyond anything any of us could have hoped for, the fact we got onto Gogglebox is probably the proudest moment of mine and my mums lives (she got over 100 likes on Facebook for it!)"

"And so after a huge spitroast at Harvester, I decided I probably do have some more embarrassing stories about me & my mates to mine for comic material so get ready for an even more cringe second year at Brent University."

To which Channel 4's Head of Comedy Charlie Perkins added "I’m so happy to confirm that Big Boys is returning. This is one of my first commissions as Head of Comedy at Channel 4 and it fits squarely into what I think makes the greatest comedy; so much heart blended with so much silliness. Jack is a very special person I can't wait for what’s to come in series two."

Big Boys is created and written by Jack Rooke, executive produced by Ash Atalla and Alex Smith for Roughcut TV and commissioned for Channel 4 by Charlie Perkins, Head of Comedy, Joe Hullait, Commissioning Executive for Comedy and Fiona McDermott, former Head of Comedy.

Managing Director of Roughcut TV, Ash Atalla said "Big Boys comes from the heart and soul of Jack Rooke and we’re so happy to bring it back. We promise more sex, drugs and tears in series 2."

Big Boys will return on Channel 4


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