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Big Zuu's Big Eats returning to Dave for its fourth series

The new eight-part series will air this autumn and sees a twist on the format as guests will now come to the Big Eats house for the ultimate foodie experience.

Big Zuu's Big Eats launched on Dave in 2020 and the multi-award-winning series has seen Big Zuu cook 88 dishes, inspired by 24 guests and 25 nations from 22 different locations across the UK, earning rave reviews.

Series three saw Zuu, Tubsey and Hyder invite their guests into the food truck to help kickstart their own Big Eats banquet from Johnny Vegas making a halal-friendly spam burger and the boys taking over Katherine Ryan's kitchen to Fathia El-Ghorri cooking up a Morrocan storm in the Oval car park and a St Lucien feast for Joseph Marcell.

The new series promises to be bigger than ever before as TV chef and presenter Big Zuu returns with friends Tubsey and Hyder to fire up the food truck at Big Eats HQ. But in a twist on the format, Zuu's dinner guests will now come to the Big Eats house for the ultimate foodie experience.

Determined to bring flavour from all over the world to a national audience, Big Zuu will once again welcome his guests into the Big Eats food truck before the Big Eat finale somewhere in the new HQ.

Series 4 of Big Zuu's Big Eats will be produced by Boom, part of ITV Studios, in association with Big Zuu’s production company Big Productions Ltd. It's executive produced by Alex Gilman with Chris Faith returning as director.

Speaking ahead of the new series, Big Zuu said "I’m so gassed that Big Eats is going again. Winning not one but two BAFTAs for it last year was just incredible, and then getting nominated twice again this year has just made Tubsey, Hyder and I even more excited to get back to it."

"This series will be another co-production between Boom and my own production company, Big Productions Ltd, so it’s an even more personal project for me. Roll on series 4!"

To which UKTV commissioning executive, Emile Nawagamuwa added "There is nothing quite like this series on TV and it’s a measure of its many enduring qualities that we are moving to a fourth iteration. We will raise the levels again and embark on a more dynamic, more inventive and more ambitious chapter. Working with Zuu, Tubsey, Hyder and a production team that deliver something truly unique, time after time, is a total joy."

Dave's channel director Cherie Hall said "Watching Big Zuu's Big Eats always brings a smile to my face. His charisma and energy is infectious. This series is going to feel even more escapist, and I’m really excited about the fun this show will bring to Dave."

To which executive producer Alex Gilman added "Whether it’s been from a car park in Edmonton, aboard HMS Victory, or in a Kurdish restaurant in Huddersfield, making this show alongside Zuu, Tubsey, Hyder, and the whole team has been an incredible journey and we’re absolutely delighted that the good people at Dave are welcoming us back to make a fourth series. And with the boys now inviting guests into their new HQ, things are set to get even spicier."

Big Zuu's Big Eats will air later this year on Dave and UKTV Play


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