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Billy and Ben step in to put Jay on compassionate leave in EastEnders

How will Lola take the news?

Jay has a big treat day planned for Lola in town, but she's exhausted and he has to call the whole thing off when one of the undertakers lets them down at short notice.

Although tired, Lola is relieved and Billy notices that Jay is doing too much and doesn't have the time to make memories with Lola. Determined to take the pressure off Jay, Billy enlists Ben's help to stop Jay from going under.

Between them, they arrange cover for him at Coker’s and the car lot and Jay is left feeling overwhelmed when Ben explains what they've done and that he'll still get full pay.

Later, worried about how she'll react, Jay tells Lola that he's now on compassionate leave and she's thrilled that they can have so many lovely times together.

In the face of Lola's tragically short life expectancy, Billy struggles to celebrate his birthday, unaware that Lola is trying to throw him a surprise party at The Vic. But when Lola brings Honey in on the plan, she's left conflicted, knowing that Billy can't bring himself to feel happy.

Later, Billy walks into The Vic to find all his friends waiting to surprise him. How will Billy react?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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