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Brian Conley joins EastEnders as Sonia's long lost father

Brian’s first scenes as Terry Cant will be on screen later this spring.

Next month, Brian Conley will step foot on Albert Square for the first time as Terry Cant, Sonia’s long lost father.

Feeling lonely and missing her daughter Bex, Sonia searched for her lost father’s name online last year to no avail. So having given up any hope of finding her dad, Terry’s arrival in Walford will be a huge shock for her.

Terry is the ultimate people pleaser and will be quick to charm everyone on the Square and make himself at home. But just how will Sonia react when he turns up in Walford?

Speaking about joining EastEnders, Brian said "As you can imagine being a Londoner and now being part of EastEnders is such an incredible moment for me. I know for sure my dad’s looking down from above and saying "Good on yer son!" It was always his favourite programme."

"So in so many ways it really is an honour to be part of such an iconic show and to be working with an incredibly talented team on camera and off. I cannot wait to order my first pint at The Queen Vic."

And EastEnders' Executive Producer, Jon Sen, added "We are delighted to welcome Brian to Albert Square. We had been searching for some time but the moment we met Brian, we knew instantly we had found our man."

"Brian’s a talented performer whose charm, wit and charisma are exactly the qualities we want for Terry. We’ve got some wonderful stories in store for him and can’t wait for the audience to see Brian bring him to life."

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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