Brody visits Buster, Liberty goes into labour and Sienna gets closer to Warren in Hollyoaks

But will anyone finally get their happily ever after?

When Liberty surprises Sienna with a new cot for her baby girl, lovingly hand-crafted by Sylver, she hopes it will cheer Brody up as she questions why he’s been so down lately.

Sienna is shocked when he tells her that he visited Buster in prison and is struggling to get him out of his head.

Through a series of flashbacks, Brody tells Sienna about his visit to see Buster with Damon. All he wanted was an apology from Buster for abusing him, will he get what he wants?

Sienna blames Warren and Felix for making Brody feel like he needs his own closure after dredging up their own past. However Sienna is left pleasantly surprised after Warren offers some words of wisdom. Asking her if her new stable lifestyle fulfils her, the sexual chemistry better them rises.

Back at home, Liberty asks Brody to join in an anti-natal session, but after sparking another reminder of Buster, he storms out. When she goes to find him, she goes into labour at Cunningham’s Grande Bazaar.

As Liberty is helped into The Hutch, Misbah is worried that there might be complications with the birth. However, with Sienna and Brody by her side, Liberty delivers their baby girl.

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