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John Paul finally confronts Carter as Pride ends in tragedy in Hollyoaks

As Lucas is rushed to the hospital, what will happen to Carter?


After tryinh to impress Carter, Lucas is set up with a sex worker, a blackmailed Hannah Ashworth. After John Paul encourages Lucas to help with Pride, Hannah arrives to see Lucas but is shocked when she realises he’s Ste’s son!

Working out Carter’s agenda, she urges Lucas to talk to his dad about his sexuality and at school Carter pressures Lucas as he tells him that their Pride attack plan is off as they’re going to America instead to continue their ‘studies’.

Going to the police, John Paul warns them there is an attack planned and Zoe warns him that Conversion Therapy is not illegal, but that they will increase police presence. And John Paul and Sally attend Pride together after she reassures him.

As Lucas tries to make amends with Dillon, Carter tells Freya they are going on a surprise holiday with Lucas.

At Pride, Dillon bails on Leah, Maxine is jumpy, Kitty launches Anita Tinkle and John Paul panics at a stranger in the crowd.

As they hit the decks, Hunter gives Prince his necklace after Dilly calls them dry and Kitty and Sally push for Pride to carry on, with Kitty singing to the Pride audience. And Carter sends Lucas to find his passport.

When John Paul saves Hannah, she warns him that Carter is trying to take Lucas to America, whilst in the folly Dillon tries to reason with Lucas. 

Ste is devastated that his son couldn’t talk to him about his sexuality when John Paul tells him about Lucas and they find and restrain Carter.

With Pride in full swing and Prince and Hunter at the decks, Zoe is confused when Dilly gets an urgent call and has to leave. And Prince comforts her when she reveals it’s Rafe’s birthday. 

Elsewhere, Freya rails against her dad and leaving the village whilst John Paul and Hannah search for Lucas and she tells him how she blackmailed Carter. With Carter restrained by Ste and John Paul, Dillon wakes up to find Lucas passed out and calls for help as he sobs over his friend.

As the Pride festivities continue, Carter makes an ill-placed broadcast but Kitty intervenes calling for inclusivity and love in front of his daughter Freya. When he begs her to go to America, John Paul finally confronts Carter in front of her.

Meanwhile, Hunter, Prince, Dilly and Zoe carry on the party at home and when Nancy finds Carter’s secret teachings, John Paul confesses to his relationship with Carter and she shuts the school while they investigate. At the Dog, Kitty calls out that it ever happened and with Tony equally upset, he blames Diane and Ro hears.

After Ste finds Lucas injured in the Folly, he's rushed to hospital where Ste despairs to James that he didn’t know what Lucas was doing and a caring Misbah reveals to them that Lucas has been self-harming. And Ethan challenges Ste being at the hospital when he is meant to be working for Warren.

Meanwhile, as Tony and Diane clash again over Ro and Carter, he rails at her for putting Ro into lessons with Carter and when Ro and Diane have a heart to heart, she promises to listen to Ro.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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