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Bumpy start to married life in EastEnders

As Ben feels unwelcome and Phil's blood boils.

When Ben and Callum return from their honeymoon, married life doesn't exactly get off to the best of starts, as they discover that Vi is still at Stuart's, which means they're on the blow-up bed. Ben thanks Phil for the honeymoon but Phil makes it clear it’s the last thing they will be getting from him.

Worried about Jags and Kheerat, Suki suggests asking Ben to help. In order to ensure he’s on Ben’s good side, Kheerat asks Sharon to keep their relationship quiet. When Kheerat asks Ben for help, protecting Jags in prison, Ben tells him to consider it done.

Phil’s blood boils when he sees Callum in the café and he immediately leaves. Later, Kat tries to get through to Phil and encourages him to make amends with Ben and also to reach out and become part of Raymond’s life.

Meeting up with Callum, Ben finds him with his colleague Fitzy and quickly senses that he's not welcome, and leaves them to it.

Meanwhile, Kheerat checks in on Sharon and opens up about Chantelle and Ben later opens up to Kheerat about his troubles with Callum. When he mentions that he can’t stand the idea of someone sneaking around behind his back, Kheerat is left feeling guilty.

Elsewhere, Bert and Ernie are upset they don’t have anyone coming to ‘Bring Your Dad’ day at school and asks if Phil will come.

At the ‘Bring You Dad’ Day at the school, Phil and Kat run into Jack with Raymond and on their way home, Kat gets mugged. Shaken up, Kat bumps into Callum and Suki who ask if she’s okay, but when Suki makes a comment about Phil finding a way to deal with the mugger, Kat fiercely defends him.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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