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Cain and Billy are arrested in Emmerdale

And Will is beaten up. But who's responsible?

As Cain refuses to accept payment for the courier job, the drug dealer finishes putting the package into Cain’s car leaving Billy on edge.

Elsewhere, as Will prepares to complete his job, he’s horrified to learn from Malone that he’s planning on arresting Billy and Cain himself.

On a country road, Cain and Billy are alarmed to see that there is a police car trying to pull them over. Realising it's Malone, the chase is over and as Billy and Cain glare into Malone’s eyes, they realise they’ve been set-up..

The next day, Will hasn't returned home and Harriet is in the dark over what is going on. Minutes later he falls through the door black and blue having been beaten up.

With Will in hospital Harriet wants answers.


Emmerdale continues Monday 4th, Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th May at 7pm on ITV

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