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Cain bonds with Nate as Tracy gives birth to daughter in Emmerdale

Could this be the fresh start they both needed?

Setting himself gory tests, a squeamish Nate is doing all he can to ready himself for being at the birth of his child.

However Nate feels apprehensive when Tracy tells him that they are looking after Kyle and Isaac for the night as Moira and Cain are going away for a night.

Feeling the pressure, he worries how Cain would react if something were to happen to one of his kids. As Cain drops off the kids belongings, Nate is clearly pleased to be trusted.

With Cain about to leave to meet Moira at the hotel, they see Tracy doubled up in pain and rush to help. Despite Tracy being in denial, convinced it's Braxton Hicks, her waters break and Cain goes to get his car - leaving Nate and Tracy in a tailspin of panic.

Arriving at the hospital, Tracy is taken off to the labour ward and as her contractions continue, the midwife reassures Tracy everything’s progressing as it should.

Overwhelmed and unsure how to help, Nate heads out and finds Cain in the corridor and they have a heartwarming bonding conversation, father and son.

Strengthened by his advice, Nate rushes back to Tracy for the final stages of her labour. And as she gives birth, he takes his daughter in his hands, bursting with pride.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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