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Cain forgives Ruby as things worsen between him and Caleb in Emmerdale

When Cain doubles over in pain, will Nate help him?


Having caught wind of Ruby’s ‘kill them with kindness' ploy, Cain insists the Dingles can’t be bought and orders Ruby to leave them alone.

As Lydia tries to ease Ruby’s concerns about Cain’s ultimatum, it’s clear that they weren’t empty threats as he storms in and grabs Sam’s air fryer off the counter. And Sam, Ruby and Lydia watch on in horror as Cain smashes all three air fryers with a sledge hammer.

Working on her plan to win Cain over, Chas reluctantly agrees to help Ruby out and when the Dingles start to arrive for Ruby’s impromptu gathering, a bewildered Caleb is left seething when he realises he’s been tricked into attending.

Despite getting off to a rocky start, Caleb and Cain appear to be thawing just as they’re interrupted by a sudden karaoke performance from a drunken Ruby.

As Ruby’s gathering at the Woolpack descends into chaos, she fights for Caleb’s forgiveness. Stepping up to defend Ruby, Caleb makes it clear to Cain what side he’s chosen. Despite things with Cain being worse than ever, anxious Ruby hopes Caleb is committed to her.

The following day, Nate is surprised to find Caleb doubled over with pain. As Caleb pleads for help, will Nate be defiant in the face of his enemy, or leave his Uncle to suffer alone? 

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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