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Caleb and Tracy are almost caught kissing in Emmerdale

Is their passionate affair about to be discovered?

With unfinished business still between Caleb and Tracy, it’s not long before under the guise of a business transaction, Caleb admits his attraction to Tracy and they have a passionate kiss.

The next day, Tracy’s flustered when he asks her to meet him back at his place after the pub and Caleb later drinks a glass of wine at Mill Cottage, handing a second to an unknown other person.

The following day, determined to put all thoughts of Caleb behind her, Tracy convinces Nate to take an afternoon off together.

But it’s Cain’s birthday and as the family gathers, Tracy’s flushed to have Caleb sitting so close to her, and finds an excuse to head into the toilet corridor.

When Caleb follows her, the passion fizzes and they kiss. Almost caught by Cain, they head back through to the Woolie Bar, with Caleb uneasy to see Tracy go back to Nate.

Later, when Caleb leaves, Tracy follows. But surely she’s playing with fire?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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