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Caleb offers to invest in Tracy's nursery in Emmerdale

But how will going into business together make Cain feel?

When she receives a loan rejection from the bank, Tracy is gutted and struggles to find any enthusiasm for her job at the B&B. Clocking that she's feeling low, Bob bamboozles Tracy into feeling more motivated.

The next day, Caleb’s intrigued to overhear a conversation between Belle and Nate about Tracy’s struggles to find an investor for her nursery. Finding her, Caleb moots the idea of investing in her proposed nursery, leaving Tracy with food for thought.

However, Nate’s later frustrated with Tracy when it looks like she’s tempted to go into business with Caleb as he knows it will infuriate Cain and he's accused of caring more for Cain’s feelings than the welfare of his family.

With the farm still struggling financially, Cain tells Moira it’s time for a tough choice; either Nate or Mack must be made redundant.

Later, Nate is relieved when Tracy sees how involving Caleb in her nursery would cause ructions. But when Moira announces that he and Mack are going to be put in a competitive interview process for the one remaining job at the farm, a furious Tracy immediately makes a call to Caleb to take him up on his offer and Nate no longer has a leg to stand on.

Will Caleb invest in Tracy’s business idea and if so how will Cain react?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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