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Callum blames himself for Fitzy's stabbing in EastEnders as he finds it hard to open up to Ben

And Phil wants to buy the launderette for Kat!

After being asked by Ben to quit his job, Callum tells him he’ll think about it, but deep down he’s torn.

Over at the Slater’s, an oblivious Phil isn’t happy to see the two policemen there, assuming the worst about Callum, but Kat tells Phil she was mugged. But he was too busy to listen, so orders him out.

Later, Phil apologises and has a proposition for her. Having seen the laundErette is up for lease, Phil wants them to run it together.

Having thought about the offer, Kat turns him down not wanting to get involved in anything dodgy. But Phil assures her he just wants to have something legit for Raymond.

After Callum and Fitzy spot the mugger that Kat described, they chase him and the mugger stabs Fitzy. As Callum challenges him, the mugger gets away. Fitzy gives Callum the ring he was planning to propose with and Callum calls for back up.

When the paramedics arrive, it's touch and go and as DCI Arthurs checks in on Callum, he is so distraught and blames himself.

Back at home Callum doesn't want to talk to Ben, so distracts him instead. With Callum distant during their anniversary celebrations, Ben assumes he's upset about being asked to quit his job and admits he was wrong. Needing some distance from his police life, he suggests that they don't talk about work for a while.

Feeling as though he can’t talk about Fitzy, Callum panics and leaves. When he returns, Callum is snappy with Ben and insists he's fine, despite being anything but.

When Whitney and Kat chat in The Vic, Callum clams up when they ask about the stabbing - and Whitney realises something is wrong.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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