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Callum is torn between his job and his relationship with Ben in EastEnders

But what does this mean for Ben's plan to take the next step with Callum?

When the day of Ben’s cochlear implant switch on arrive, Callum wants to make sure that he doesn't miss it, regardless of how busy work might be.

Wanting to take the next step in their relationship Ben plans to present Callum with a key to the Mitchell household.

At work, Callum is tasked with trawling through CCTV footage from a warehouse job but he is stunned when he recognises a figure in the shadows... Ben!

With Danny Hardscastle as his boss' new target, Callum is tasked with collecting all evidence of his involvement at the warehouse. This includes details of anyone else involved. But will Callum tell him who he saw?

At the hospital, Ben wonders where Callum is unaware that he's trying to hold off his boss enhancing the grainy image of Ben. Thankfully, Callum arrives just in time to see the switch on.

But with Callum distracted, Ben knows something is bothering him and after brushing it off as work, Callum reveals that they're looking into Danny Hardcastle. After Ben lies, Callum storms off and Ben’s hopes of them moving in together fade away.

Realising that Callum’s mood was because of Danny and his lies, Ben apologies as does Callum, before demanding the truth - leaving Ben worried. Stressed, Ben reveals that he never wanted to put Callum in this position

EastEnders returns Monday 7th September at 8pm on BBC One


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