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Carla knocks Paul off his bike in Corrie after being spiked by Stephen

How much more is Stephen going to get away with?

Carla tells Sarah that she can finish working on her designs in return for an apology and tells Stephen that if he resurrects the deal with Rufus, he’ll receive a 15% commission in return and a permanent contract.

However, at Rufus’s hotel, Rufus makes it clear he’s not interested but Stephen begs him to reconsider. Handing Stephen a vial of LSD, Rufus heads to the bathroom where he snorts a line of coke before suddenly collapsing, clutching his chest.

As the paramedics attend to Rufus, Carla calls Stephen wondering if he’s sealed the deal and he assures her that it's in the bag. And as Rufus is wheeled out by the paramedics, Stephen practises Rufus’s signature on the unsigned contract, before hearing a knock at the door. A sex worker called Candice barges her way in and demands her money, which gives Stephen an idea.

Meanwhile, outside the garage, Peter tells Kevin and Abi how he bet Carla he could trade up from an onion bhaji to a motorbike and the deadline is this evening.

After Abi hands Peter the contact details of a guy with a motorbike for sale, Benn calls at No.1 with the motorbike and Peter can’t believe his luck when Benn agrees to give him the bike in return for his tablet!

Later, however, Jess, the police officer asks Peter why he’s in possession of a stolen bike.

Calling a meeting with Sarah and Stephen, Carla explains that Sarah is now Head of Design whilst Stephen will be Office Manager.

Determined to have his revenge on Carla, Stephen slips into the Underworld office with the vial of LSD from Rufus’s briefcase and slips the LSD into Carla’s coffee. And Carla heads out onto the factory floor, clearly discombobulated and woozy.

In the Rovers, Stephen spikes Carla’s red wine with another vial of LSD and when Peter turns up he immediately realises Carla isn’t well. As she stares at the factory girls, Carla's paranoia grows by the second and Peter, worried sick that her psychosis is returning, has to help her out of the pub.

Meanwhile, sneaking into Carla’s office, Stephen deletes a meeting with Dick Haversham from her diary and muddles up her paperwork.

Checking her diary, Carla tells Peter she was convinced she had a meeting with Dick Havisham and in the factory, Stephen convinces Carla that she cancelled the meeting with Dick Havisham as he hands her a mug of tea laced with LSD.

When Dick Havisham calls wondering where she’s got to, a clearly flustered Carla heads off to meet him.

As Peter offers Paul a spin on his new motorbike, Carla calls at the garage to collect her car, but Abi refuses to hand over her keys. Spotting the Underworld van, Carla starts the engine and careers down the street, crashing into Paul astride Peter’s bike who winces in pain.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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