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Cathy comes clean to trolling in Corrie as Alex trolled for defending her

Will the animosity ever end?

After David lets slip that the corner shop is now selling newspapers and greetings cards, Brian confronts Dev over stealing business from the Kabin. Only Dev is unmoved and Brian and Cathy are horrified when someone puts a brick through the Kabin window.

As she finally cracks, Cathy tells Tracy and Dev that she was responsible for the nasty comment online, not Brian.

In the cafe, Tracy launches a verbal attack on Cathy. When Cathy calls at No.5 with fish and chips, Gemma gives her short shrift. Cathy is crushed to realise even her mates are deserting her and assures Gemma that she deeply regrets her online comments. However, Gemma's unforgiving and tells her to stay away in future.

After Roy reveals to Cathy that Alex is being trolled online after trying to stick up for her on social media, she informs Roy that Alex is going to his mum’s in Scotland until all the online animosity has died down.

When Steve calls in the corner shop, he asks Dev to stop stealing the Kabin’s business before calling in the Kabin to tell Brian and Cathy that he's had a word with Dev.

However, Cathy is horrified to read some even more vicious messages.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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