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Channel 4 announce new documentary, Will Young: Losing My Twin Rupert

The hour-long authored film sees Will Young speak for the first time about his twin's alcoholism and untimely death.

Credit: Will Young (Facebook)

Singer Will Young lived with his twin brother Rupert’s alcoholism for over 20 years, until Rupert’s untimely death in July 2020.

In Will Young: Losing my Twin Rupert, as well as coming to terms with his own grief, Will sets out to understand the impact alcoholism can have on families.

Speaking for the first time about his twin’s story, Will opens up knowing he can’t be alone in this, and that others will know the pain of having an alcoholic in the family. There are an estimated 1.6 million people who are alcohol dependent and of those who need specialist treatment, just 18% are getting it.

Rupert was Will’s best friend as well as his brother, but his twin’s drinking problems went unnoticed at first.

And whilst Will and his parents recall happier times with Rupert, this sensitive and affecting documentary will also look at the stigma surrounding addiction, the difficulty in getting long-term treatment on the NHS, the tireless process of rehabilitation and the constant worry of relapse.

Speaking about the documentary, Will Young said "It was very enlightening and emotional to make this film and I am extremely proud of everyone’s involvement in it. I hope it shines a light on the difficulties that so many people face today in the UK with addiction and getting the necessary help."

Channel 4's Commissioning Editor, Rita Daniels said "We are very thankful to Will and his family for opening up about the sensitive and difficult topic of addiction and we hope Will’s profound tribute to his brother will go a long way to helping those going through similar issues."

To which Colette Flight, Executive Producer for Wall to Wall Media added "It’s been a privilege to witness how honest and open Will Young and his family have been in making this film about Will’s twin brother Rupert, in the hope that by sharing their experience they will help others who are coping with a loved one’s addiction and provoke conversations that challenge the stigma surrounding alcoholism."

The hour-long film has been made by Wall to Wall Media, executive produced by Colette Flight and directed by Jonny Ashton.

Will Young: Losing My Twin Rupert will air Tuesday 10th May at 10.05pm on Channel 4


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