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Chantelle "shares a moment" with Kheerat as she reveals she wants to divorce Gray in EastEnders.

But will she manage to get what she wants?

After deciding that enough is enough, Chantelle meets with one of Gray’s rival law firms to seek out the very best divorce lawyer she can find.

Back at home, Gray continues to control Chantelle and installs a tracking app on her phone, before taking her credit card.

After learning just how expensive a divorce will be, Chantelle meets with Kheerat to ask if he can lend her money, unaware of his own financial troubles. Troubles caused by Gray who reported the Panesar's to trading standards.

Despite Suki suggesting getting rid of Chantelle and cutting all ties to the Atkins family, Kheerat give her as much money as he can, but pushes her on what she needs it for and questions why Gray can't help.

After she admits it's for a divorce, Kheerat is taken aback and promises to help her. But as they both share a moment, Kheerat’s money troubles have just gone from bad to worse.

Nothing gets past Gray after he spots a pop up advert for divorce lawyers on his laptop and as he leaves for work, Chantelle sets her plan in motion to get away with the kids.

But will she make a successful getaway?

EastEnders returns Monday 7th September at 8pm on BBC One


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