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Charity discovers that Chloe is pregnant in Emmerdale

Will Mackenzie do the right thing and tell Charity the truth?

Lonely and isolated, Chloe tries to talk to Kerry on the phone. At her sonogram, Chloe is overcome with emotion as the sound of a heart beating fills the room.

After noticing that she ordered a soft drink earlier, Charity later catches up with Chloe and tells her she promises not to reveal her secret. But when Charity asks who the father is, Chloe tightens and Mackenzie has to force himself to remain calm when Charity reveals Chloe's pregnant.

At Keepers, Mackenzie despairs as Chloe confirms the baby is his and she’s keeping it. Alarmed to find out that Kerry knows the truth, Chloe reassures Mackenzie that she won’t reveal anything but Mackenzie is left feeling anxious.

Later, Mackenzie approaches Charity and takes a moment to compose himself. Urging Charity to take a seat he looks at her, desperately hoping he's about to do the right thing.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV

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