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Charity hopes for a full time reunion with Mack after passionate embrace in Emmerdale

As Moira piles on the pressure, will Mack choose Chloe or Charity?

As Chloe and Mack relax into their new relationship, Moira is emotional when Mack asks her to be Reuben’s godmother. And Chloe is thrilled Amy and Matty agree to be godparents too. But when the venue falls through, Chloe initially laughs off Charity’s genuine offer to host it in the Woolpack.

Later, cap in hand, Mack heads around to Charity's to take her up on her generous offer. But as they both end up emotional, Mack and Charity fall into a passionate embrace.

Afterwards, they're both a little embarrassed and Mack dashes out leaving Charity to process the afternoon’s activity.

Returning home, Mack is guilty about how grateful Chloe is for his work for the Christening. Whilst unbeknownst to him Charity can’t help but hope for a reunion.

The next day, a very preoccupied Mack leaves Chloe to awkwardly diffuse the tension. Turning up at Butlers Farm, Mack looks for some sisterly advice from Moira who reminds him he could risk losing Reuben if Chloe finds out about him and Charity.

Aware he needs to make a decision, Mack feels the pressure but is unsure who he’ll choose. Charity or Chloe?

Meanwhile, just before the Christening begins, Charity admits to Chas that she slept with Mack.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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