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Charity is upset as she catches Mack and Chloe kissing in Emmerdale

But can Charity convince Chas that she's really over Mack?

As Mackenzie visits his son Reuben and spends time with Chloe, Charity faces a tough week and Sarah is conflicted about whether to tell her gran about Mackenzie and Chloe's afternoon together.

The next day, Charity pretends to have forgotten Sarah’s birthday and as a surprise, Moses, Ryan and Noah burst in singing Happy Birthday.

Reluctantly, but for Sarah’s benefit, Charity invites Chloe to Sarah's surprise birthday party, but tensions rise when Mackenzie joins them with Reuben.

Later, Charity is upset after Mack promised her that he’s just being a dad to Reuben and there is no romance between him and Chloe, but soon, Mack and Chloe share a charged kiss in the backroom. Due to the emotion of Mack seeing Reuben’s first smile, both are unaware Charity is watching.

Filled with vengeance, Charity tells Chas what she saw and the following day, Charity’s bravado fails to convince Chas she’s over Mack.

Meanwhile, Mack and Chloe are awkward after yesterday’s kiss and agree to leave things open-ended.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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