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Charles leaps to missing daughter Naomi's defence Emmerdale

How will she react when he lets slip who he is?

After last week's grumble, Charles and Ethan reconcile and Charles is shocked when Ethan gets news from his mum that his sister Naomi has gone missing.

Racked with guilt, Charles realises that her disappearance is likely down to his refusal to meet her. Feeling responsible for not being there for her, a desperate Charles later prays for her safety in Church.

Digging around for information on where to find Naomi, Ethan finds a picture of her that leaves Charles stunned and determined to find her.

The next day, Manpreet returns and learns Charles has gone looking for his missing daughter. But whilst out searching Charles hits another dead end and back in the village, Ethan reflects on what having Naomi as a part of his life would be like.

Later, Charles is overwhelmed when he spots Naomi in a bar arguing with her bar manager and jumps to her defence, pushing over her boss in the process.

Bewildered, how will Naomi react when Charles lets slip that she’s his daughter?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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