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Charles tries to save Manpreet and Rishi's marriage in Emmerdale

But will Rishi be able to forgive Manpreet?

Manpreet is crestfallen as she attempts to talk to Rishi, only for him to quickly make his excuses and leave. As she later spots Charles, Manpreet rushes away in tears.

Catching up with her, Charles points out how they’re going to bump into each other all the time, so have to try to get past what happened.

Explaining how she's fighting to save her marriage, Charles encourages her to keep trying to build bridges with Rishi. However, seeing their exchange from a distance, an unseen Rishi feels a little shaken.

The following day, Meena tells Rishi it’s about time he forgave Manpreet. Horrified at her sister’s bluntness, Manpreet tries to reach out to Rishi, but he tells that after seeing her with Charles yesterday, he can’t trust her.

But when Charles tries to convince Rishi to rebuild his relationship with Manpreet, will he have a change of heart?

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV

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