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Charlie and Ella's plan to have underage sex in Hollyoaks angers Nancy and Darren

As Charlie seeks revenge on Darren.

Leah’s not happy that Ella would rather spend time with Charlie than with her and when Nancy overhears her referencing Charlie's "girlfriend", she immediately wants to know who she is.

The interrogation makes Charlie and Ella realise that the possibility of them being boyfriend and girlfriend isn’t so farfetched. And since the discovery of Charlie’s mystery girlfriend, Darren decides it’s time for Charlie to have ‘the talk’.

Later, he discusses it with Ella and as they contemplate having underage sex, the safe way, Charlie can’t bring himself to buy the condoms.

When Darren finds out that Charlie is trying to buy condoms, he and Nancy confront him over fears of him having underage sex and warn him not to do it.

Having found Charlie and Ella about to have underage sex, Nancy calls a family meeting at the Osborne's. And after the decision is made to send Ella back to live with her mum, Charlie turns to blackmailing Darren.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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